Details Details Details

While in St. Louis recently (you know, the place with the Arch), we toured some amazing old places rich with history. While everyone was ooo’ing and ahh’ing over the overall views, I was drawn to the details of design and architecture. Such ornate details just aren’t important to builders these days. I couldn’t stop myself from taking oodles and gobs of photos while we were there, and you’ll be seeing more in the coming weeks as I work my way through them all. It’s sad that the media has struck such fear in people by giving St. Louis a bad reputation as far as crime causing them to avoid venturing into the city to really see the historic beauty of it.

Here is just one of the details that caught my eye as many others in the tour group had their eyes focused on the doors that led to free beer, soda, and pretzels at the end of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery tour…

Light - Anheuser-Busch Brewery, St. Louis, MO

Photoshop Friday | Pesky Powerlines

Not only did I remove the powerline, but I made a simple curve adjustment to clear up the photo. I love Canon for its true-ness to color, but it tends to render photos a bit softer than Nikon (I call it a bit hazy). Then I made some things pop a bit by dodging and burning and applying spot sharpening to some details. That’s it! You can see them larger by clicking on the photos. Yes, there is a spot I could have paid a little more attention to. Bonus points to anyone who can point it out! :)