Ryan S – Headshots

Normally I shoot outdoors or events.  This weekend I ventured into a little “studio” work and did headshots in my home.  I felt a little inferior and intimidated since I don’t have a lot of fancy studio lighting.  I have black seamless and white seamless paper backgrounds and a single off-camera flash with a small soft box cover.  I don’t have a dedicated studio space in my home either.  What I do have is amazing light coming in through the living room window of my WNW facing home.  I know that if I didn’t have this natural light to work with, I would need the studio lighting to pull this off.  For now, especially with space being an issue, I will avoid this expense and continue to use what God provides!

We started with some test shots using the off-camera flash, and we were not pleased with the results.  Ryan and I both actually prefer the look of shadows, and the flash was just too much.  So most of these photos (with the exception of one) were done with no flash whatsoever – only natural light.  These photos have not yet been retouched.




R17This is the only one I kept with full flash.


R16A quick stop on the way back to Ryan’s house after the shoot to test a shot image I had in my head.
Due to a puzzling flash malfunction, the shot didn’t quite go as planned.
All was not lost, however! Ryan is a film student and thought the location would be good for a project for school. 🙂

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