First, I’m excited to announce that my new website is up and ready to grow!  Check it out if you haven’t already!

Since my air conditioner is on the fritz and my office was unbearably warm, I headed out to my own backyard to practice ring shots.  I’m hooked!  Since my husband and I met in high school, I thought I’d use our class rings as well as our wedding rings.  Greg’s class ring has a star sapphire stone that catches the light really cool.  Mine has a saying on the side, “Today’s dreams are tomorrow’s future”.  We both graduated in 1985 from Hazelwood Central High School in Florissant (St. Louis County), MO.

We were married on March 18, 1989 at Atonement Lutheran Church, also in Florissant.  So although it was very close to spring, we still had a winter wedding!  It’s bizarre that you see this style of wedding band for men often because we designed this one ourselves and had it made just for Greg.  I picked my ring out myself.  I know the pear cut isn’t the most sought-after cut for diamonds, but whoever said I was like most girls?!  I like the asymmetry of the entire setting.

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