Low Key | Pets

Oh thank heaven for 2011! This is a year for growth and personal challenges. This is my third year in business officially, and I’ve learned a lot in the first two years. Now it’s time to push myself harder. I still prefer natural light, but I find myself drawn to low-key lighting for indoors, using just a single soft box. It’s more dramatic, which can be truly captivating when viewing the final portrait.

I was asked to do the program headshots for the cast and crew of the high school musical “Bye Bye Birdie” in exchange for a full page ad in the program. I was told that the photographer who did the headshots last year brought in two umbrellas. My immediate thought was “yearbook photos” <yawn>! Yearbook photos are fine … in the yearbook, but these are theater photos. They deserve a little drama!

So I played around with my lighting and camera settings (completely manual, which is still a little outside of my comfort zone, truth be told), and I managed to figure all of that out to where it should only need a little tweaking to match the lighting wherever I set up at the school. I won’t embarrass my girls, who were my guinea pigs, since they were a bit disheveled this evening – but I do want to share these photos of my doggies.

Gizmo (aka: the tongue)!

Cozmo LOVES his toys and was a little hyper. Shooting him is a challenge!

Despite how vocal he is (he’s a growler), he’s really a very sweet boy.

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