Bye Bye Birdie | Theater

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing an amazing bunch of young actors on stage. In addition to several children’s theater productions, this is the third high school production I’ve photographed. The first was the musical Titanic. Next was the play Love Rides the Rails. Now Bye Bye Birdie, also a musical. I’ve tried other lenses, but my favorite is still the 85mm. For the dress rehearsal, I chose a seat in the center and far enough back that I wasn’t shooting up their noses but was still able to get full-length shots of the actors.

I went in a little early and was lucky to catch someone running through a song on stage, which was perfect for testing some settings. I was determined to eliminate more blur this time, so I shot in shutter priority. I’d love to be able to shoot the next production with my dream camera. Hint to next year’s seniors… The more bookings I get for your senior photos, the better my chances are of getting that camera before your fall play next year! Don’t make me pull out my sad face and puppy dog eyes!

See more photos from the dress rehearsal here and staged photos here and here.

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