Rings | Melting Away Behind the Camera

I had a little time this morning before I had to clock in for my “day job” so I decided to melt away behind my camera for a bit. I’ve been wanting to work on ring shots, and this was the perfect opportunity … morning light through the window from an overcast sky and my grandma’s old Underwood typewriter now decorating my living room. What could be better? Nothing!

The next two were just for fun. The sapphire & diamond ring was my grandma’s, and the diamond solitaire ring was my promise ring from the hard-working, lovable man I married!

Now I know I can get the shots; it’s just a matter of getting them quicker. I shot for about 30 minutes, then whittled the total number of photos down from 44 (that I hadn’t deleted in camera already) to 19.

Have a favorite or two? Leave a comment and let me know which one(s)!

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