Who Am I?

The Person Behind the Camera

I’m the one always taking the photos but never in the photos! On the job, I appear to have a camera for a head. I really do have a face, and I finally had my daughter, Miranda (all of 13 and a half and an aspiring photographer herself), take a few headshots of me. I used her as a test monkey for the settings, then she did a pretty great job on the focus and composition!

So who am I? I’m not perfect, but I do like things to be how I like them to be. I’m picky about how my photos turn out. I like a clean, clear, classic look most of the time. I will experiment with trendy finishes on pictures every now and then, but I do that very sparingly. I love a more dramatic look and always look for ways to use light and shadows to create great images.

Who I am personally depends on the situation. On the job, I’m determined and hard-working. When it comes to my house, I’m a notorious procrastinator.

I guess first and foremost, I’m very independent and headstrong. This is as much a fault as it is an asset. I tend to have a hard time asking for help. When I’m passionate about something and get an idea in my head, I’ll do whatever I can to make it happen. Photography is one of the places where these qualities work for me. Jewelry making is another.

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