Connor | Eagle Scout Court of Honor

I’ve found various statistics about what percentage of Cub Scouts go on to become Eagle Scouts ranging from 2% to 6%, depending on the year I suppose. I had the honor of witnessing my first Eagle Scout Court of Honor ceremony last week (mostly from behind the camera). These young men work hard to achieve this … they play hard, too! Connor has such a charming and fun personality. He’s pretty much a friend magnet. 😀

Full names have been removed for privacy. 🙂

The ceremony was held in a dance theater, which had yellow lights overhead! EEK! Between the lighting and the amount of movement, I hung out at around 1600 on the ISO during the ceremony, so there is a little grain (not always a bad thing).

Connor’s mom had a special request to photograph her with her two boys. Being in a lighting showroom, this got a little tricky. Through the magic of Photoshop, which I try at all costs not to rely on, I was able to clean up a pretty messy background.

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