Monday Meditations | Life & Spider Webs

Though we didn’t have a lot of time, we drove to Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday and walked around Bear Lake. My mission: photography. Greg’s mission: ambitious hiking. Miranda’s mission: just to get out of the house. Miranda’s mission was probably the greatest achievement.

I’ve never seen so many people there! This is the first time we had to use the Park & Ride lot and take a shuttle bus to the lake. Being at the end of the line, we had to stand and hold on, which was interesting winding this way and that up the side of a mountain! With so many people there, it really detracted from the peaceful nature experience and made it clear how much of a tourist attraction this park is. From what I understand, this is still nothing compared to major world tourist hot spots, and that also makes me feel that if (when) we are ever finally able to afford to travel the world, some of the sites will be a bit of a let down. Therein lies the challenge to seek out and enjoy the spots that aren’t so “touristy” and absorb the richness of the culture instead. Having a photographer’s eye is a benefit when it comes to such a challenge. In the park, I was drawn to spider webs while kids threw rocks in the water and the elder generation sat on boulders staring at the lake and mountains (and Greg and Miranda were probably bored to tears waiting for me to get the shots).

When this web was first completed, it was probably quite a work of art. Like the spider building its web, we work on building our lives while seeking perfection. Things happen, though, and those things start to tear away at what we perceive as perfection. In the case of the web, bugs happen. Those bugs are necessary for the spider’s strength and survival. What do you suppose the spider does about the gaping holes left by the “things” that happen in its life? It builds another web and carries on as long as its short existence continues. Likewise, when “things” happen and mar our perception of perfection, we just have to fix (rebuild) it and carry on.

These are going to be some fat spiders!

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