A Christmas Carol | Theater

Forgive me readers, for I have slipped. It’s been almost two months since my last post. 😦 I am ashamed!

After being terribly sidetracked and not doing anything I had actually planned to do today (Christmas cards, cookies, and candy), I ended up working on theater photos again. Don’t ask me how the chain of events strayed from baking to photos, but it didn’t stop there! Oh no… I went on to grab my notebook and plan the deconstruction of my .com website and the continued revamping of this blog to be used as the sole hub of information for my soon-to-be semi-professional photography services. First order of business was to get rid of the clunky URL by chopping off the “wordpress.com” and shortening it to “.me”. I love WordPress and don’t see any need for a fancy Flash site. So unnecessary expense necessarily cut. 🙂

Before I stray any further off the main subject of this post, here are some favorites from Eaglecrest High School’s production of “A Christmas Carol”…

See more at A Christmas Carol Album.

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