Week 2 – Black & White | Self Assignments

I also pulled from an idea I saw online that was an exercise in observing – really seeing the things around you and planning exactly what you will shoot. The exercise has you sit on the ground with your camera without shooting for ten minutes. During that ten minutes, you are to simply observe everything around you and see the shots in your mind before you take them. Since I worked another 50-hour week, I didn’t have time to shoot anything through the week, so I did this today – in my living room. I know. I’m a loser. But I made it work!

You’ve seen this guy before, but not from this angle…

Since it’s winter, and there’s snow and slush on the ground, we have quite a shoe party happening in our living room. I wince and try to look the other way as I pass by because any attempt to keep that floor clean right now would be futile!

Then I went outside and found a dry little spot on the deck to park my butt and try the same exercise. I’m excited that I got this…

[click to enlarge]

No backyard shoot would be complete without a couple of the dogs…

And just for chuckles and ha-ha’s, I caught my own reflection in our patio door…

Yes, those are my PJ pants. I told you! I’m a loser! 😀

3 Thoughts

    1. Thanks! I took a quick peek at your work, and I love your model train gallery! My in-laws have a huge garden railroad in their backyard that even runs into their house. I would love to take photos like this of their whole set. I could easily spend HOURS doing that, I’m sure! They’re 2.5 states away, though. So for now, it’s on my list!

      1. Thank you. “Portal G” was inspired by an obscure Mark Twain story. I’m still working on my site and hoped to have it officially up and running by now but it seems I have too many things going on. The garden railroad sounds very cool. Too bad it’s so far away.

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