Farmington, New Mexico

Down by the Riverside

The drive to Farmington from Denver a couple weeks ago was beautiful! Instead of going straight down 25, I went over to 285 and drove through the mountains and a huge valley that was surrounded by mountains. I don’t know why I chickened out on a making a vision for a photo come true, but I did. Now I’m kicking myself. I wanted a photo in the middle of the long, straight, two-lane highway that appeared to run right into a mountain. I could have done it. Pull-off places were hard to find, but I could have made it happen. On the way back, there was too much smoke from a wildfire. Missed opportunity.

I’m glad I didn’t miss these at the Berg/Animas Trail

OK, that bottom photo was actually in my son’s apartment. She likes to sleep on the bottom of the coffee table. 🙂

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