Canon AE-1 = MINE!

Thanks to overtime and eBay, this Canon AE-1 is now mine.

Photo taken with my Galaxy S using Little Photo.

The original case it came in is pretty tattered, and it smells like smoke. It’s now a decorative item next to my old Underwood typewriter. I want to call it an antique, but I have a little trouble with that since this camera was introduced in 1981, and I’m a child of the 80s! 😀 The strap was pretty stiff, so that had to come off, too.

I have a Canon T50 (first in the T series), but it’s automatic shutter speed always. I also wanted something a little quieter. The auto winder is loud on the T50.

I’ll be snapping a few photos at each photo shoot from this camera for my own satisfaction and continued learning. The great thing about film cameras is that it really makes you consider each shot far more carefully because you only have a limited number of frames available on a roll. You can’t “spray and pray”. I find myself considering not only the composition and exposure but also if the shot will be a great photograph. If I know I’m not going to love that image in print, I’m going to pass and move on. So while I can easily take 100 shots in no time at all on my digital camera, it can take me a week or more to take 24 shots on a film camera. I’m that picky.

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