H + D | Wedding

Second shooting again. I need to get all the mental notes I’ve been taking down in writing. Maybe not so much here, but definitely for myself. There’s some good stuff swimming around in my noggin now!

H & D opted for a First Look portrait session as well as bridal party and full family shots before the ceremony.

I know many photographers add a personal story about the bride and groom when creating a blog post but as a second shooter, I’m just there to lend a helping hand, capture different angles and details, and maybe suggest a few poses here and there. I have so many ideas in my head, but it’s always up to the bride & groom as the clients whether they want to try them or not.

With that said, here are some of the photos I took…

This handkerchief belonged to the bride’s grandmother. Something old.

Oh. My. Goodness. These sweet little angels were so stinkin’ cute! The flower girl wasn’t as cooperative as the ring bearer (her brother), and this is the best photo out of several attempts. I even had to edit a piece of a hand out of the shot. Lesson learned: Check on little ones first to engage with them, earn their trust, and get their portraits done as early as possible.

Lesson learned: Take the photo where the client requests while explaining the difficulties of the lighting and that you will give it a try if they will trust you as the photographer and also try a couple shots in a place out of the harsh sunlight if possible. Time and heat were a bit of an issue, but remind them that these portraits are for a lifetime and you’re only thinking of their precious memories.

Lesson learned: I can do it! I did some test shots ahead of time and figured out the settings needed to step out real quick with flash for the entrance, step back for them to pass while quickly turning off my flash and changing settings, then step out again to get a shot of the back of the dress. Boom. Boom. Boom! No time for do-overs here! :O 

Videographer. 😛 


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