Sounds of Southlands | Film

We went to hear Fourever Fab perform at last Friday’s Sounds of Southlands event, and I took the old AE-1 loaded with B&W 400 film and mounted with a zoom lens to play with. I like the feel of the camera. I like flipping that lever to advance the film. I like the haze and grain of the photos. It’s just an overall nostalgic feeling, and I think that’s the biggest draw. There are plenty of presets, actions, and manual tweakings that can be done to digital photos to get a look pretty close to film – enough so that I think I’ll be using film sparingly. It’s nice to go back to our roots now and then, but it’s not cheap!

Here are some shots straight out of the can…

Pretty sure that gal was drunk or just one happy hippie. She was shakin’ her bootie just about the entire time!

Hey look! People we know! 😀

And people we don’t know. 😛

They remind me of pictures in an old newspaper. There are quite a few photographers taking their film cameras for a spin lately. I know at least one who shoots film professionally. It definitely forces you to really think about your shots before you press that shutter button, and that’s something I’ve been working on even with my digital. I still like to have too many instead of not enough. I just don’t like having so many that it takes too long to cull images. 🙂

That’s all I have to say about that today!


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