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Mt. Vernon Event Center – Golden, CO

Again, I must break a mold for wedding photography bloggers. Most have at least a small story with which to preface their photos. I prefer to let the bride and groom tell their own story if they so choose. Part of this could be because I have a terrible memory and would likely get something wrong in the retelling. 😀 Another part is, as a reader of such blogs, I tend to skim over the story to get to the photos. I’m sure the stories are quite lovely; some, in fact, are very touching. If my blog were about telling these stories in writing, I would. My blog is about telling these stories in photos.

Just married…

The couple opted for a First Look. This time the bride approached the groom, whose back was turned to her. The groom turned when prompted by the primary photographer, who was on the other side. Had I been in the driver’s seat, I would have instructed both of them ahead of time and had the bride walk all the way up to the groom and put her right hand on his left shoulder. That would be the groom’s cue to turn slowly to his left to see his beautiful bride. However, when the bride is still about ten feet away, I’d have her stop and wait so I could move to the other side after capturing the groom’s anticipation and her approaching him. He can wait another minute! 🙂 Then I’d be able to capture both of their faces as their eyes meet.

Ring bearer and flower girl. 🙂

At each setting, there was a candy bar from Hammond’s. YUM!

The groom had moves!


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