Fall Colors in Colorado

We took a drive through the mountains yesterday. Yep, a Sunday drive!  🙂 We may not have much variety in fall colors in Colorado, but the yellow of the Aspens are amazing!

I heard the Aspen groves are thickest at Kenosha Pass, so we headed that way first out Hwy 285. I guess they get a lot of sun because many were already bald. Harumph! So we doubled back just a little bit and took Guanella Pass over to Georgetown, stopping to eat our packed lunch at the summit. On the way down into Georgetown, I took a photo of a big house in town at the last switchback. We ended up stopping to see what it was when we got down there and found it to be a museum: Hammil House. So we took the tour! That’s for another post, though. 😉 We took the Mt. Evans exit to explore a little more, and this was probably where we saw the most colors of all.

A little bit of orange in the mix, too.

I liked this lone tree standing out in the sunlight down by a creek…

And these tall ones reaching up for the sun by the same creek…


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