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I recently posted a portrait session I had with the fascinating, Deborah Jane Wells. I’m excited to tune in to her new radio broadcast beginning 9 January 2012, Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life. Deborah says, “Trapped by fear and the mistaken belief that busy-ness is the same as purpose, they can’t stand the way they’re living, but feel powerless to stop.” Do you feel this way? I do, but with a twist. I don’t push myself to keep busy all the time to feel a sense of purpose. However, when I choose to simply relax and exist in the moment (or hours), I feel guilty about the things I didn’t accomplish.

In this technical age of social networking through internet media, I wanted to fully and honestly endorse Deborah’s work. By taking her up on one of her complimentary sessions (by phone), I was able to gain a better understanding of her work as a life coach. Thanks to our portrait session, I was able to picture her talking with me during our session…

Deborah Jane Wells, Life Coach ... On the Job!
Deborah Jane Wells, Life Coach … On the Job!

Deborah began by briefly explaining how the session would unfold, and I chose one thing I wanted to accomplish in a short amount of time but didn’t think I could. She then led me through a relaxation exercise to clear my mind (as much as possible with my crazy hyperactive brain) so I could focus and be in the present without worrying about the future or stressing over the past. The beauty of doing this by phone is that it was one more step towards complete privacy. I wasn’t worried about how I looked, and I was comfortable in my own personal space. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’m going to jump forward and say that Deborah helped me realize that I can accomplish things that I doubt myself capable of accomplishing. That one thing I wanted to accomplish in a short amount of time? Accomplished!

Soon, my testimonial will be added to a page of many others on Deborah’s website. Still not convinced of the value of a Life Coach? Read through the testimonials.


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