Mountains on a Clear Morning


I remembered a view from a new road that isn’t traveled much yet and drove there this morning to get some shots of the mountains. I did my grocery shopping early and on the way home, the sky was still at about an f/8 (photo geeks will understand). By the time I put away the cold items, grabbed my camera, and made it to this spot, the sky had changed to at least f/16. 😦 I shot anyway!

Denver Front Range Mountains | Sheila Karner,PhotographerOur house is somewhere straight ahead, and I suspect all that snow-covered ground will soon be cluttered with even more houses. Off to my left and slightly behind where I was standing, they are building yet another school. You can already walk from one existing middle school to another nearby as well as to a high school.

We live here! After nearly 13 years here, the mountains still take my breath away. When we first moved here, I wondered if anyone born and raised in this area took them for granted and if we would someday not notice them so much anymore. I now have my answer. The mountains demand attention! They truly are majestic!


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