2013 Off to a Slow Start

Winter is a slow season in the first place, but I haven’t been using my time wisely during the lull. I should be using this time to work on self-assigned photo projects and to continue to learn because the learning never ends with photography or processing images. Life happens, though. Keeping it real … stress happens. Lately, tons of stress! I usually escape behind my camera or at my computer processing images to escape stress. The stress is blocking my creativity, though. I needed a stress exit a while ago just to sit in silence and decompress. You know how babies can fall asleep with lots of people around over-stimulating them? I sometimes wish I could do that. I am easily over-stimulated.

Enough of that, though. I like to keep it real, but I also don’t want to get too heavy here!

This is the photo I chose from my archives as my “pacifier” this evening.

Black & White Hollywood Glamour | Denver Area Portrait Photography


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Sheila Karner Photography offers portraits such as high school senior photography and family portraits primarily in the Denver metro and surrounding areas in Colorado. Email for more information.

Located in the southeast Denver metro area, Sheila Karner is sure to meet your photography needs!

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