Michelle Freshman Portraits | Denver School Portrait Photographer

Special Portraits Not Just for Seniors!

Because the weather was nice, and because I had yet to take my own daughter’s school portraits for her freshman year, I took my daughter and one of her friends to Cherry Creek State Park to accomplish that! I think I finally stopped ordering the standard one-pose, boring backdrop, school pictures four years ago. I was doing fairly well with that, but I never ordered my own prints last year and put off even taking them this year. Better late than never!

Here are Michelle’s photos…

Denver School Portrait Photographer

Denver School Portrait Photographer

Denver School Portrait PhotographerDenver School Portrait Photographer

The photos of my daughter are on my other computer, so those are coming soon. I’m finally set up on another computer upstairs so I can work on photos and blogging and not be hidden away in my office in the basement. 🙂

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