K+L | Denver Area Wedding Photography

Venue:  Mount Vernon Event Center – Golden, CO

April 30, a Tuesday. It was my first wedding of the year to act as a second shooter and quite possibly the only one. It’s not because I don’t want to; I love being the second shooter and focusing on details the bride wouldn’t normally think to add to a shot list but will undoubtedly cherish forever. Perhaps a separate post is best for expanding because I’m sure to take twists and turns chasing my own thoughts!

The day was cloudy, and the forecast called for rain to start in Golden around 5:00 PM, which was exactly when the ceremony was scheduled to start. A few sprinkles were felt as we worked on photos before the ceremony, but there were spots of blue sky peeking through here and there when the wedding began. The rain didn’t start until close to 9:00. Whew!

Toms & PearlsThey all wore Toms! The pearls belonged to her grandmother.

Ring ShotYou know that f/3.5-5.6 18-35mm kit lens that used to come with Canon DSLR cameras you could buy at your local Target and Best Buy stores? Well, if you attach a 10x macro lens on front of that, you can take amazing close ups! It’s a must in my bag on wedding days.

BrideI felt quite voyeuristic standing behind a pine tree to get this shot while the bride looked at the primary shooter. 🙂 The bride’s dress was made by hand.


This was on the bride’s shot list.  She must have had a Pinterest board for shots she loved. This one had Jasmine Star‘s name on it. Love her!

Flower Children

I stole her heart

So I'm stealing his name

Flower GirlShe caught my eye when no one else was looking. 😉

Guest Table Details

Head Table Details


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