Expanding on a Thought | Denver Area Wedding Photography

I mentioned in my last post that a separate post for expanding on something would be best. This would be that post. 🙂 I wrote:

It was my first wedding of the year to act as a second shooter and quite possibly the only one. It’s not because I don’t want to; I love being the second shooter and focusing on details the bride wouldn’t normally think to add to a shot list but will undoubtedly cherish forever.

The photographer who was kind enough to choose me as a second shooter has a new full time job and has not booked many weddings this year. She’s also choosing to focus her time and photography talent to other areas. I understand completely and appreciate her faith in me to have included me to help her in the past. It has been a great experience. Eye-opening in fact.

Bride and Groom Pray Before WeddingI love capturing special moments like this and will miss shooting as many weddings this year. I don’t have any booked on my own. I would consider shooting smaller weddings on my own still, but I won’t be actively pursuing them. Processing photos after a wedding shoot takes a very long time, and I wouldn’t dream of outsourcing any part of it. All work on the images I make is completely my own. When my four 10-hour work days are over, I barely have time to make a decent dinner and spend time with family before heading off to bed. That job is a steady source of income. The overtime is certainly helpful, too.

Steady income. That’s hitting the nail on the head! A steady and reliable income is absolutely necessary, so my 9-5 (in my case 7-6) job has to be my priority. I thought I might be able to move toward an official business again after dissolving my registered LLC photography business at the beginning of 2012, but the thoughts I shared in this post still resound. It does make me sad because I love photography so much. Of course I’m not abandoning it entirely! I just do not have the time and resources necessary to build clientele. 😦

I do take solace in knowing that I can create such moving images. The image above is a bride and groom who chose not to see each other before the ceremony but wanted to pray together. What a special moment! I have a library of enough images to create a nice portfolio, and I will continue to do portraits and shoot theater productions whenever I get the opportunity.

I think this summer will be filled with  personal photo projects. Of course, I’ll share them on this blog! While I have that to look forward to, it’s still breaking my heart to have to let this passion simmer even longer. To know that I, as people tell me, have an “eye” for photography – a true passion for it – and that I could turn this into a successful business if I only had the time to devote completely to it, yet not be able to is so hard.

I’m still available for senior portraits and engagements, small weddings, elopements, or other events if anyone needs them this summer. I’m not quitting! I’m just not aggressively pursuing. I need to spend more time relaxing. Perhaps, when the time is right, the opportunities will come.

Now bring on Spring already so I can bury myself in a relaxing personal project and stop dwelling on things I cannot change! 🙂

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