Lights, Camera, Flower!

Calming nausea with the magical pink stuff while suffering through an annoying headache that had me just this side of dizzy is no fun. A little photo therapy was essential. These were done with a single off-camera flash.

Carnation - One Light

Carnation - One Light

Carnation - One Light

Flash – manual at 1/4 power a little less than 3 ft away with a 6 in mini soft box attached.
1/125, F11, ISO 100

Portraiture captured my attention a few years ago and drew me away from other types of photography. I strayed from flowers and landscapes and anything else nature related because the internet was flooded with these types of photos. Everywhere I looked, there were flowers and bugs up close and personal! I think it’s time to add a little bit of that type of photography back into my life. Since about every other person is a “photographer” these days with snazzy over-the-counter cameras, not many are seeking professional photography services. Of course I would welcome any opportunities to do portraits for people, but during the long lags in between such opportunities, I’m going to do more just for myself and call it therapy! 😀

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