Jackass Hill Park | Colorado

I finally made it to Jackass Hill Park! While location scouting with Steph, I noticed it while scrolling around a map app on her phone navigating to a different location. JHP was on my list of spots to check out, so we killed two birds with one stone on that trip. It’s not exactly the kind of park to romp around with small children or play fetch with Fido because it’s not landscaped at all – nothing but weeds (aka: natural or native vegetation). However, it’s definitely a good spot for a clean and simple background. No trees to block the view of the mountains beyond.

Jackass Hill Park

Jackass Hill ParkSomeone left behind a little surprise. What a waste! There were four unopened bottles left.

Jackass Hill Park SurpriseThese were from a different location, but they’re so pretty I just had to add them!



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