Rings & Things – 100mm Macro

There’s a new addition to my lens family … Canon 100mm 2.8 USM Macro. She is yet to be named, but “Her Majesty” is a top contender! 😀 Those of you who don’t know, I name my favorite lenses. My 85mm is “Precious”. My 70-200mm is “Dumbledore”. I know! Just let it go. 😛

I’ve wanted the 100mm for nearly two years now, but the funds weren’t available. Finally, funds became available, but I still agonized over the decision to buy it. I kept thinking of a multitude of other things for the home and family I could use those extra funds on like I always do. But this was bonus money, and it’s been a long time since I bought something this special just for me. I’m so glad I did! After a very short amount of time playing with it, I am so impressed! This lens will be married to my camera for a while to give it a good workout and see what it can do.

Here’s a gallery of some jewelry shots I took today. The background is a tiny strand of gold garland. {click first image to start slide show}

Only one shot in the above gallery was cropped in post. The rest are as shot!

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