Composites | Setting Yourself Apart

When a pose works, but the lighting and background just doesn’t, scrapping the photo isn’t always the answer. No amount of editing can fix the blown out highlights. This is a great example of where a professional photographer who is knowledgeable in the necessary photo processing software is a much wiser choice than a classmate or “Uncle Bob” or “Aunt Sally” for your portraits.

This photo has haunted me for a while. With a little time on my hands this morning, I took some time to work some magic on it by creating a composite. Here is the original:

Lying on the ground

This is what I turned it into:

Lying on the ground

Taking it one step further, I wanted to see what it would look like as a 10×20 print:

Lying on the ground

I love the 10×20!

This took a lot of time, but fine art can’t be rushed! The ability to manipulate photos and create amazing images from something that could have otherwise been scrapped is what sets photographers apart from others. This is the direction I want to go!

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