The 10×20 Photo | Step Outside the Norm

Looking for something a little different than your basic 8×10 or 16×20? Consider custom 10×20 photos to display in your home. This size is lovely when displayed in groups of three. Looking to fill a larger space? Go with a 20×40! Of course, the images do have to be custom designed for the finest result. Here is an example of one I created today…

10x20 Wedding Portrait

This lovely bride and groom were posed in an archway at the bottom of some stairs, and the photo was vertical.  To create this size and fill the frame, I had to crop beyond the edge of the photo and stretch the background by using the content aware fill feature in Photoshop. After a little clean up, extra blurring, and some gradient darkening to draw attention to the couple … well, here ya have it! 🙂

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