Film is Not Dead

I can only go for so long without shooting film. I love how it forces me to think more about the settings and to be sure of the shots I want before pressing the shutter.

When I picked up my 35mm camera this weekend, there were four frames left to finish a roll of black and white film that was still in it. I don’t know when the roll was started.


I’m pretty sure the above was taken with a 35-105mm zoom. The lens is second hand and has a scratch, so a tiny bit of editing is required in one spot on each photo. Believe it or not, there is a house in the background. Look how beautiful that bokeh is! So creamy!

Shiz-tsu Poodle

I think I tried pushing the ISO on the above photo – perhaps a bit too far. It was also underexposed, so both grain and noise are extreme. I love this image, though, so none of that really bothers me.


This is where I picked up the camera again this weekend. So this photo was shot with a 50mm lens.


This one was shot with a 70-210mm zoom lens.

I’ve got the camera loaded with color film now and dressed up with a 135mm lens. Now I need some test monkeys … I mean models so I can see how it does with portraits.

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