Kid Portraits | Delaney Farms

I met C, his mom, and his nanna at Delaney Farms on Saturday to capture some moments before C and his parents headed back home. There are four states separating them, and nanna wanted some portraits before they left.

When C got out of the car, he wasn’t in a mood for paparazzi. It was 3pm, and the sun came out from behind the clouds making some pretty harsh shadows and much squinting.

Portraits | Delaney Farms

So we walked around a bit, and I introduced him to Chuckles. Chuckles is a little fuzzy critter with a long tail, huge eyes, and he chuckles with you squeeze his belly. After getting to know Chuckles a (and after a walk & talk alone with mom), C finally warmed up and relaxed a bit.

Portraits | Delaney Farms

He loves the ABCs, and began writing them in the sand with a stick. He’s 4! How cool is that?!

ABCs in the sand

By this time, clouds covered the sun leaving us with beautiful diffused light. Oh, the timing!

Portraits | Delaney Farms

Portraits | Delaney Farms

Portraits | Delaney Farms

I’m so glad C warmed up and began to enjoy hanging out with me. Despite a tumble causing some scraping on his hands and an unfortunate meeting with a tree branch, he was quite a trooper! So much so that I allowed him to keep Chuckles. 🙂

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