Bells and Whistles Not Required

DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE you just can’t keep up? I sure do! I’ve tried competing with bells and whistles by creating a separate website in addition to my blog, complete with a private email domain all professional looking (or so I’ve been told). Apparently if you use Gmail for business purposes, you’re somehow less of a professional. Pffft! It’s like designer labels vs. plain label. Not that I consider myself plain. No. I prefer to consider myself easy going – not fussy. 🙂

I learned a lesson in website cost and have decided it’s not worth the after-introductory-year-prices to keep the website. It’s gone! It was kind of fun while it lasted, but I was never overly impressed with it. I compared the metrics and found that my blog site maintained far more traffic than the separate website over the course of a year. That’s pretty much pudding right there (proof is in it, ya know)! 

So… when someone uses the Contact Me page to send me a message, that message is forwarded to a new Gmail address used strictly for photography business. Of course, for security reasons, I won’t be publishing that email address. And yes, I have 2-Step Verification set up on that email account. 😉

My blog now also serves as my website. I created a static home page which redirects people to separate pages of information depending on what type of photography service they need. Keeping it simple (not plain) makes more sense. Everything is in one place. Thank you, WordPress, for making it so easy!

Dragonfly | Sheila Karner Photography

Portraits anyone???

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