Details | Colorado Wedding Photography

I still haven’t made a decision about the direction I’m headed with photography. This photography hiatus has brought a few things to light.

  1. I feel myself getting a little rusty.
  2. I miss it.
  3. I’m not tied up working on photo processing and marketing and bookkeeping in addition to working four 10-hour days at a separate full-time job.

So… if I do return from this extended break, I will have to pay more attention to details such as scheduling and sticking to my schedule. So many photographers will work until the wee hours of the morning to get through processing (editing) a session. Some will spend their entire weekends in front of their computers. Nope! Not gonna do that! One full weekend day once or twice per month is enough.

Speaking of details, here are a couple shots from a wedding I helped with last month. Details are often overlooked as we rush through the day. Wedding days are no exception. Take time to notice everything around you. Time moves on so quickly!

Lantern along the aisle at a wedding.Cowboy hat on a hay bail at a wedding.

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