Senior Photos – An American Rite of Passage

Q: What specials will you be running this year for senior photos?

A: Instead of creating, marketing, and keeping track of special deals this year, I’ve lowered my pricing over all by 20% to 30% depending on the option chosen.

There are multiple reasons for this strategy, the most important one being simplification. If you’ve read my Bio, you know that I work a separate full-time job and do photography part time only. I love and value both of these jobs, but I also enjoy free time as well. 🙂 The less time I spend on managing special offers, the more time I have for you and myself!

Senior pictures have become an American rite of passage.

Senior photos have become an American rite of passage. These special portraits are one small way to celebrate the final year in high school and make it that much more special! Contact me to schedule your portrait session soon!

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