Time for Time Off to End

Has it really been nearly a full year since I last blogged here?

Indeed, it has been a long time. I didn’t quit; I took a hiatus … a photography gap year of sorts. I did a little work here and there and will be posting about each here soon. I’m committing to that right here and now.

Where have I been?

So… I’ll start with the day job. I was promoted to department lead last year, which had an adjustment period.  I also doubled down and took on the responsibilities of a team member on maternity leave for three months this year. When she returned, I took on a technical writing project and am still in the midst of that. However, I’m trying to shut off that part of my brain when I clock out each day and make time for photography work.

Notice how I’m making multiple references to my commitment? Accountability y’all!

What have I seen?

I haven’t seen as much as I wanted to see. Every year, when winter takes her leave, I make a vow to get to the mountains or anywhere in nature that this beautiful state I live in has to offer. Every year, I fail. I only went to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park once this summer. That’s my absolute favorite place in Colorado! Winter is still a while away, and the busiest tourist season is coming to an end so I will make it up there at least once more this fall. (Another commitment.)

I also planned to see the fall colors this year on a planned weekday off to avoid the weekend crowds. That day went south fast. Guanella Pass was closed that day, and I didn’t find that out until I drove an hour and 45 minutes to get there. So I drove another 15-20 minutes to Kenosha Pass, which is famous for its golden splendor every fall. Guess what? The leaves that were so vibrant the week before had already fallen. That’s right! The aspens were naked.

I ended up eating my picnic lunch at Chatfield State Park, where it started raining just after I finished eating. So there’s that! I was determined not to let the day be a total wash, though. I found beauty in some small things and ended up with some nice photos.

Colorado Fall - 2018 - wildflower

What’s in store for the near future?

I have actor headshots lined up this month as well as at least one portrait session. Theater production photos are on the schedule for November. In between those, I’ll focus on updating some things on my website and other office work.

Positive thoughts for a well-balanced schedule in 2019!

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