Senior Photos at Denver Botanic Gardens

Class of 2019!

I hadn’t been to the Denver Botanic Gardens since my company holiday party, and that was in the dark with Christmas lights throughout the park. Before that, I can’t even remember when I was there last. YEARS ago! So this was a double treat … seeing the gardens and having such pretty backgrounds for this senior’s portraits.

Senior photos at Denver Botanic Gardens - Class of 2019

Special photos for senior year were a thing when I was in high school, but they were done in a studio, where there were a few more options than the ordinary backdrop used for school IDs and yearbook pictures, but everyone still had the same styled photos. I remember a pillar and maybe some artificial greenery. That was a long time ago, so the details are more than fuzzy! I do remember (not fondly, mind you) my permed hair and ruffled, high-neck shirt with a ribbon tied in a bow. Oh, to look back on fashion trends!

Senior photos at Denver Botanic Gardens - Class of 2019

I’m happy to shoot in locations like this. The purchase of a photography permit is the responsibility of my clients. Location isn’t imperative for great portraits though. Surroundings are a minor part of the image. You are the star of the images, and I make sure you command the most attention in a photo. There are also times where the entire landscape will make a great photo for your wall. These are typically a smaller percentage of your final images.

Are you ready for some fresh photos on your wall or mantle?

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