Sheila Karner PhotographyI love to be behind the camera capturing all of the emotions of an event, everyday life, and even general things that are commonly overlooked but cherished more than you’ll ever realize later on. LIFEas it happens!

Stopping time to make your story come to life in photographs is how I see my job. I want you to always remember exactly what you were feeling at that moment when the photograph was taken.

About my style…

My first camera was a 35mm Canon T-50 given to me on my 21st birthday. I remember opening that gift like it was yesterday! I still love film. I feel that film is to photos what vinyl is to music. There is depth and richness that’s difficult to achieve digitally. This is what I create – timeless, slightly soft, natural light photos.

Why is my schedule so limited?

I only work part time on photography so my availability isn’t as open as many full-time photographers. This means I don’t have to book myself solid to make ends meet; therefore, your photos don’t have to wait in a long queue to be edited and are ready for you faster than many busy photographers can offer. It also means I don’t lose my passion for the art of photography.

I look forward to stopping time for you!

Every day holds opportunities for your life to be photographed. Pictures leave a legacy for your children, their children, their grandchildren, and so on. How much do you love looking through old pictures of your family through generations?

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