Contemplating Changes in the Slow Season

I want to keep things real. No smoke and mirrors. I love photography! I truly do! However, at this point in my life, I cannot make it a full-time occupation. I have to work a separate, full-time job. That means I can’t devote the same amount of time to photography as many others. Well, I could, but I’d never see my family or have time for any sort of adventure.

What does this mean?

Not much really. I won’t be actively pursuing photo sessions – no senior reps, no marketing strategies. I’m more than happy to take on senior portrait sessions, small weddings, and even to assist with weddings if such opportunities happen to come my way. I just won’t be begging for the work. I’m picturing my life as a minivan, and photography is being moved from the middle row of seats to the far back seats. Instead of seeking work that doesn’t come, I’ll be grateful for work that comes my way while reserving that middle row for more leisure.

Cherry Creek ReservoirI may be filling that leisure time with new photo projects such as nature, landscape, abstract, and (pushing my comfort zone) even street photography.

I’m not really taking the year off but in a way, it will feel like that. Here’s to 2015!

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