Scouting & Discovering

Thursdays might have to be all about photography. Anything and everything to do with it – whether it be shooting, editing, learning more about Lightroom and Photoshop, workshops, or scouting locations for portraits, landscapes, and nature in general. Today was an adventure in scouting locations, which lead to pleasing discoveries!

We started out at Silo Park. I can come up with about a dozen scene possibilities there. There was a small garden there with peppers, tomatillos, eggplants, and more…

Then we headed to Morrison. These were taken near Red Rocks…


Then, at a location Steph and I want to keep a secret, there was this…

Suddenly, like a moment straight from the Wizard of Oz, we were nearly pelted with apples from a nearby tree!

Hunger (and the need for toilets) struck. So we headed into town and had Mexican food at Morrison Inn. Almost ready to get back in the car and head home, this little guy (or gal) had to be the center of our attention for a few minutes…


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